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 Enjoy "How Great Thou Art" a sermon by Michael Silberg
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The following articles  pertain to other themes than "Falling in Love with The Prince of Life". They are made available to read and copy if you so desire. I ask that the following acknowledgements accompany any copies made:


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Reprinted with permission from Michael J. SilbergMichael Silberg at Speakers Corner, UK


A Baby Boomer Speaks to Todays Teenagers

     A message of warning to today’s youth looking from the eyes of the 1950’s and 60’s.

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

     We need to remember those that came before us and sacrificed so much for our hard fought freedoms. It’s time to stand up and fight like they did-before our freedoms slip out of sight!



     We are living in a time where the magnitude of what is building around us is beyond our ability to comprehend. The reality that all @#%& is about to break loose across the whole earth is staring us right in our face. But we can’t see it. We’re too apathetic. We can’t see the forest for the trees.


 Quotes to Ponder

    Quotes by Michael Silberg unless otherwise specified.



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