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Web sites and books of interest

     Makes reference to Sadhu Sundar Singh, an Indian Christian with a remarkable testimony. He spent his life in devotion to Jesus Christ and evangelizing the people of India during the first half of the twentieth century. His writings include At the Master’s Feet which I highly recommend.

     This is John Eldredge’s web-site. He is the author of Wild at Heart. A must read for any man. He and his wife have also co-authored Captivating which is the companion to Wild at Heart, but written primarily to minister to women.

     I recommend reading The Way of the Eagles which is a preface to Eagle Saints Arise by Bill Britton. It can be accessed at the above web site.

     Bill Britton was a pioneer in what is called the manifest sons of God theology which came out of the Latter Rain movement. I believe much of what he wrote was over symbolic, but still a significant breakthrough into the understanding of what God is bringing His church into as we near Christ’s return.

     George Warnock’s work called The Feast of Tabernacles also came out of the Latter Rain. It is also very insightful, but again, I believe overly symbolic--which is typical of most Latter Rain theology. 

     Cornerstone Christian Church in Ramsay, Michigan. If you’re ever up in the Western U.P. of Michigan visit this church. They are a prayin’, singin’, Bible believin’, down to earth church. They have a great men’s Bible study.

     The Tabernacle Community church in Melbourne, Florida. They have a great writer’s group that meets on Sunday afternoons.

     This is my wife’s web site, for those who are interested in seeing more of her work (she did the paintings on this web site).

     Other books of interest that I recommend to read:

  •   Josh McDowell, Evidence that Demands a Verdict

  •  H. A. Baker, Visions Beyond the Veil


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