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      Table of Contents


                         Prologue:     Jesus has a Proposal for Us

 Part One:  The Mystery of Evil

                          Chapter One:       The Mystery of Sin                     

                                 I.  God is Liberty

                               II.  God is Light

                             III.  God is Justice and Mercy 

                               IV.  God is Good


                         Chapter Two:       The Mystery of Death                

                                 I.  Two Kinds of Death

                               II.  The First Death Leads into the

                                        Fullness of God

                             III.   Appointed to Die in Christ


                         Chapter Three:    The Mystery of Hell                    

                                 I.  Hell is not from God

                               II.  No One Goes to Hell Unjustly

                             III.  Outside of Christ there is No

                                        Escape from Hell

                               IV.  The Wicked cannot Become Good

                                        After Death


                         Chapter Four:       Bible Prophecy                            

                                 I.  The Golden Rule of Interpretation

                               II.  Four Helps to Understand the Book

                                       of Revelation


                         Chapter Five:     The Kingdom of Death                  

                                 I.  The Nature of Satan

                               II.  The Coming of the Antichrist

                             III.  The Kingdom of the Antichrist


 Part Two:  The Revelation of Life


                         Chapter Six:     The Scroll with the Seven Seals    

                                I.  The Ongoing Revelation of Jesus


                              II.  The First Six Seals

                            III.  The Seventh Seal / The Day

                                       of the Lord

                              IV.  Watch and Pray


                         Chapter Seven:     The Bridal Week Of Christ        

                                I.  Here Comes the Bridegroom

                              II.  The Song of Solomon

                            III.  The God of All Comfort Needs

                                       to be Comforted

                             IV.  The Gate is Small the Way is



                         Chapter Eight:     The Kingdom of Life                    

                               I.  Jesus, King of the whole Earth

                             II.  The Restoration of God’s

                                     Covenant with Israel

                          Epilogue:     Jesus Christ--the Prince of Life         


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