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  Prologue:  Jesus has a Proposal for Us      


       Jesus is the Creator. For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth (Colossians 1:16). He is the Author or Prince of Life (Acts 3:15).

     Jesus created us--in hope that a bride would come forth from us. A bride He could love. A bride He could share His creation with and live happily ever after with.

     When a man or a woman looks for a spouse they look for a fully mature adult to wed--not a child. A child is unable to enter into a bridal relationship. A child is not capable emotionally, spiritually, physically, or in any other way to wed an adult.

     God is also looking for a spouse, a fully mature spouse. God can only enter into a bridal relationship with a spiritual adult. He cannot enter into such a relationship with a child.


      The Prince of Life entered into our world and released His life through death--death on a cross. As He poured out His life He gave birth to the world and all in it. And His life returns to the world as a Bridegroom searching for a bride.

     God is offering Himself to us. He has a proposal to make. Just like Jesus knelt before the disciples and washed their feet--God is on bended knee before us. He wants us. He’s asking us to be His bride. 

     It’s up to us to respond.

     It’s up to us to grow into spiritual adults.

     It’s up to us to say, “I do”.

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