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  Three Levels of Relationship      


            In our own lives we enter into different levels of relationship with people as we desire according to the spirit of love and liberty. How close we draw to another person is up to us and to the person we are drawn to.

     God is anxiously waiting for any to turn to Him as much as we choose. He longs for the deepest relationship possible from us (His first commandment is to “love the Lord your God with all your heart”, Mark 12:29, 30). But He will take anything He gets from us.

     We enter into a personal relationship with God like we do with anyone else. There are three different levels of relationship, thirty, sixty or a hundred fold. A thirty fold relationship is an acquaintance. It’s when we know someone by name only, but have not learned much more about them. A sixty fold relationship is a friendship. It’s when we pursue getting to know someone because we like being with them and have things in common with them. But a hundred fold relationship is something else. It is a relationship reserved for one person, for a lover.

     A hundred fold relationship, in an earthly sense, can only occur between two adults. They give their all to each other, body and soul. This happens in a committed, marriage relationship. It is the one relationship God has designed where the two become one flesh (I Corinthians 6:16). It is a relationship to be lived for an entire lifetime and to be shared with no one else. It is a relationship that reaches into eternity by producing offspring through which a person lives on, in a sense, through their descendents.


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